Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Safe in God's Hands

On the way to church last night, my best friend and I were involved in a serious accident.

We were going through a big intersection a few blocks from his house, when from our left a man clear ran through his red light at full speed, and we T-Boned him going 50 mph. The airbags went off so I couldn't tell how many times, but my friend's car spun a few times, and the other car ended up on the opposite side of us about 100 feet away, opposite the direction we had been driving and on the concrete center divide.

My friend's door was difficult to open but when he got it open he walked out and helped me out of the passenger side. The other driver was stuck in his car and was extracted by firefighters. Almost immediately there were multiple police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances on the scene. We stood on the sidewalk and answered questions and were checked out by the EMTs. Though shaking, we were both generally fine, with some stinging on our chests from the airbag and seatbelt, and my wrist was bothering me, but we didn't get in an ambulance. The man from the other car seemed extremely disoriented and unclear as to what happened, but physically he was unharmed. We were staring at his mangled car, amazed at how we walked away from such a serious crash. His mom came and picked us up, and we were both really disappointed that we were missing church. We went to get some food and try to get a handle on the situation.

Later, my boyfriend picked me up to take me home but insisted that we go to the hospital first, since my hand and wrist were now swollen and difficult to move. As we were driving he kept saying he had this anxious feeling in his chest and wasn't sure what was wrong with him. He's been having a difficult struggle lately with being with God, and although he knows that what he really needs is to be back with Him, he keeps pushing him away. When I got to the hospital, they did some x-rays and said they couldn't see any fractures, but because of where it was swelling, it was most likely an occult fracture in my "snuffbox," which is the area between the hand and thumb. Fractures are difficult to see in this area, but after calcification they should be able to see it, so I get my cast off next week. As I was being examined, he was sitting in the waiting room watching tv, and when we went to find the remote to change the channel, it was sitting next to a bible. He picked it up and started reading it, which he hasn't done in a long time. By the time I was finished, the anxious feeling in his heart was gone. My best friend also went to the hospital and they told him that he has a radial nerve palsy in his left arm, which basically means he has some pain and numbness in his arm, but it should be ok soon.

Although car accidents are scary and shocking, I know above anything else that my friend and I were so blessed in having walked away from the car. We were stunned and shaking, scared and in pain, but staring at his car, all I could think about was that the Lord had taken such good care of us. It almost made me want to smile. I was standing there and I kept thinking, "thank you. Thank you!"

I believe that this incident happened for a reason. I think that God put us in that place to get something across to us. The whole thing was really miraculous; from our two cars being in the same spot at the same time after the man ignored his red light, to the fact that all three of us walked away from a severe car crash (where most likely, both cars are totaled). From what I understand, a car accident is like a wake up call or a reality check. Maybe a sign to slow down, either literally or figuratively. I wonder if God was trying to tell us something specific, or just wanted to show us that He really is here protecting us. Either way, He has definitely been on my mind, and I don't want to miss His message!



Lord, I know You are here with us, and that You were there with us last night, keeping us safe. Thank You thank You THANK YOU for leading us through a traumatic situation with the comfort of Your love and mercy and our physical wellbeing. Thank You for providing for us a way to really experience Your love firsthand. Please help us to heal quickly, so that we may continue in what You have called us to do in our new jobs in salons. Lord, above all, please guide us in understanding Your message! Amen.

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