Monday, December 21, 2009

Does anybody even know that you're a Christian?

Does anybody even know that you're a Christian?

When you go to your school or your job, can anybody tell by your actions that you believe in God? Or can they not tell the difference between what you believe and how you act, because you're always at the club with a drink or talking about somebody else behind their back? And when they finally figure out you're a Christian they start talking behind yours, and you wonder why when people look at you they can't even respect the fact that you're a Christian anymore. You may be the only example they have. And if they can't tell the difference between your walk and their walk then they're not going to follow God's path.

Does anybody even know that you're a Christian? Do the people even know that the God in you is there? When somebody who doesn't believe in God loses somebody in their family, do they even think to go to you for prayer? Because they don't know where else to go? And if not, then when did Jesus become your personal secret for no one else to know? Are you serious? Jesus Christ didn't get stretched out on the cross as your testimony to be mysterious, because solid testimonies have saved souls, yet our testimonies lay low and we wonder why the world is raising hell? A lot of Christians are too worried about other people's opinions and too busy trying to save themselves.

I don't know what's worse - nobody even knowing I'm a Christian or the only people knowing I'm a Christian are the people at my church? What you have to understand is people sacrifice their lives to spread the love of Jesus throughout the earth, and you mean to tell me you're more worried about what other people may think or believe? What if Jesus was more concerned about other people's opinions than the salvation you received? They made him bleed until he bled all his blood, 'til he was dead, nails in feet, thorns in head - what if Jesus had been less concerned about spreading the gospel and more concerned with what other people said, instead?

But no, instead he stood for what's right - just so everybody in the world could know that "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life." Does anybody know that you're a Christian by your actions? Or does everybody think that you're a Christian because you're acting? And the only reason I'm asking is because half of us are putting on a facade, trying to treat our walk with God like we're expecting full time benefits when he's our part time job. But working for God's not a part time gig, its not a job, or a career, its a lifestyle that you live.

What you have to understand is that one soul's trash is another soul's treasure, and if you won't stand up and take the time, then pop culture will continue to convince them that Jesus can't save them. Does anybody know that you're a Christian? Are you letting his life shine through?

How many times are you going to deny Jesus before Jesus denies you?

-Karness, Lyricist Lounge

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